Communicating -the why- is the best marketing for bio-entrepeneurs.

Communicating -the why- is the best marketing for bio-entrepeneurs.

Many times, when projects are presented to us, we realize how the energy of the meeting changes, when the founder is able to link the objectives of his company with his values.


Everyone pays more attention and connects with the sense that is behind that undertaking. However, that magic is usually lost when the message becomes entangled by a poorly developed narrative.


Continuing with the success of the previous post, I would like to reinforce a couple of points and share a story.


Strategic communication is often spoken of and it is understood as the discipline used by large corporations or the theoretical framework behind the growth of well-known brands.


The principles of strategic communication apply to everyone and to all communication instances. Writing is marketing, speaking is marketing, recording a video is marketing.


The difference is that you do better when you are able to realize which are the main topics that need to be communicated to your audience.


After that, we must focus on making our message clear, brief, authentic, and with purpose. You not only have to tell the what but also the why.


You might think that the difference between theory and practice is small, but when one puts into practice the principles of effective and strategic communication, you realize that the difference is vast.


It happened to us once that we were announcing really powerful news for one of the companies in which we had invested. It was a meeting where 100% of the shareholders were present, many of them in person and others via teleconference from different parts of the world.


We risked that the meeting would become an eternal back and forth of questions and answers. However, we emotionally connected with everyone when we opened the session with the founder along with his father, explaining the reason behind all the sacrifice and effort they had put into reaching this moment.


At that point, a North American advisor joined the call and shared a complete analysis of the value he saw in what was going to happen.


The meeting went smoothly. It was long, all the key issues were discussed, but the most beautiful thing came at the end of the session. An important part of the shareholders who were in the room went to dinner and spent an entertaining evening talking about the company and the things that connected us to it.


That is strategic communication, that is the secret tool that Bioentrepreneurs have at their disposal. Use it wisely!

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