Where to find work and how to get it

Where to find work and how to get it

For some time now, I have been approached by a number of recent biotech graduates asking how to find a job in the industry, let alone by what means. For this reason, I decided to list some of the most useful job search channels to help you start your career.


– Research at your University: Universities usually have career services, where you will find support in your job search, in turn they usually provide feedback regarding your CV and even cover letter


– Job fairs: Today there are even virtual fairs, this is a great way to meet your potential employers online. Ideally, you should gather as much information as you can from the companies you are interested in, as this will help you sort out your application strategy.


– Internship Program: It is usually much easier to get an internship compared to permanent employment. If you are a good fit for the position and get along with the team, it could open up a career for you with the company.


– Job portals, CV databases and recruitment companies on the web. Remember that in these sites, the most valuable thing is that you complete your data with as much information as possible. Thus, you will have done a great favor to the algorithms that recommend candidates for the jobs that are published.


– Have you thought about sharing it with your network? Actively ask if anyone in your network knows about job opportunities. Your network can be a surprisingly powerful tool.


– Don’t forget social networks! These are excellent for finding work. The key is to create a solid professional profile. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram are great platforms. Remember to use #hashtags to make it easier for them to find you.


Boost your job search by trying each of these options, and don’t forget that the most important thing is to have a complete and detailed CV, where you demonstrate your strengths and abilities.


Success in what’s to come!

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