SpectraLIT: Physical Engineering at the service of Biomedicine

SpectraLIT: Physical Engineering at the service of Biomedicine

However vaccinated we are, to return to “normal” we will need rapid, reliable and ubiquitous diagnostic tests.


An Israeli company has developed a technology in this line that is giving a lot to talk about. SpectraLIT is a spectral diagnostic technology capable of identifying SARS-CoV-2 in saliva samples from light and artificial intelligence.


Indeed, a saliva sample is taken, it is illuminated and the shadow it produces can be interpreted by AI algorithms to analyze whether or not there is the presence of coronavirus. In other words, the SARS-CoV-2 fingerprint is searched based on spectral studies.


SpectraLIT’s technology is currently licensed as a medical device in Europe, following a successful clinical study conducted in 36 hospitals. Its sensitivity and specificity is equivalent to diagnostic methods traditionally used in laboratories.


This is yet another example of how biology, physical sciences, AI, and engineering converge to help solve problems that plague humanity. This is techbio at its best.


We prepared this video with more details about SpectraLIT so you can see how it works. I await your comments!

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