Biology is transforming the World

Biology is transforming the World

The history of Humanity is in part a mirror of the evolution of Science and Technology. The Greeks differentiated both, and assigned the episteme (scientia in Latin) to the realm of knowledge, and the tecné to the realm of understanding.


The truth is that there is no human period where, no matter how small, there has been no scientific-technological advance to improve people’s lives. In Engineering (tecné) for example we can trace from hammers to bridges, going through cathedrals, skyscrapers, steam ships, automobiles, airplanes and today’s space stations.


In Biology (scientia) the advances have gone hand in hand. From ancestral medicine and the improvement of agriculture and livestock, to the scientific understanding of our anatomy and that of all living beings, leading to the discovery of the micro-world of cells and bacteria, and the subsequent eradication of deadly diseases and complete sequencing of the human genome. As a result, humans today – if they take care of themselves – can enjoy many more decades in this world than their ancestors.


But unbelievably, we had to wait until the 21st century for both stories to begin to come together in earnest. It is a very recent phenomenon that we could encompass under the name of “Bioengineering”. So we are talking about applied biological science in the most implausible technological advances, in areas such as bioinformatics and artificial intelligence, synthetic biology, industrial bioprocesses, biomimetics and many others.


Today Biology is eating the world, it is transforming it in every way and in a very profound way. I talk about this exciting topic in the following v-log that I prepared at CHBionegocios. Specially dedicated to all those passionate about Science and Technology!


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