What is copper doing to help fight the pandemic?

What is copper doing to help fight the pandemic?

According to the statistics portal Statista, during 2019 copper production in Chile amounted to 5.6 million metric tons, ranking as the main producer of this mineral in the world.


Historically, copper has been used for different functions, but during 2020 it became one of the undisputed protagonists during the pandemic.


Its antimicrobial properties, known since ancient times, today have become more important than ever in the global fight against Covid-19.


In an article published in March 2020 by Neeltje van Doremalen, scientists evaluated the stability of the coronavirus on different surfaces: plastic, stainless steel and cardboard.


It was in this context that they discovered that the virus is capable of surviving 72 hours on plastic and steel surfaces, 24 hours on cardboard surfaces, and 4 on copper surfaces.


In a new Ciencia al Dia capsule, we explain the importance of copper to combat the spread of Covid-19.


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